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Do You Need To Test For Asbestos?

If you think there may be asbestos in your home, give SERVPRO of North Prince William County a call we offer Asbestos testing and the test is positive we also provide Asbestos Abatement services. Asbestos containing materials may release fibers when they are disturbed, damaged, removed improperly, repaired, cut, torn, sanded, sawed, drilled or scraped. Asbestos can be very dangerous most people with Asbestosis acquired it on the job before the federal government began regulating the use of asbestos and asbestos products in the 1970's. 

Tree on Roof

Who To Call When A Tree Falls On Your Roof?

Hurricanes, floods and snowstorms are a few types of weather conditions that can cause trees to fall, which could result in roof and interior damage. While older and diseased trees are more vulnerable to extreme weather and high winds, remember that even strong, healthy trees can topple under these conditions.

Fallen trees are one of the main causes of roof damage, according to the National Storm Damage Center, costing more than $1 billion in property damage each year. From tree removal to roof repair and everything in between, learn what you need to do and who you need to contact to recover from storm damage.

  • Contact SERVPRO of North Prince William County immediately. They will send a project manager out on site quickly. Once on site they will determine what equipment is needed to get the tree off of your home. 
  • If there is a lot of rain the inside of the home might be damaged. SERVPRO can handle all of the cleanup and drying to get your home back to pre loss condition. 
  • If there is rebuilding necessary in results of the tree damage, SERVPRO of North Prince William County construction team will be able to handle the job from start to finish. 
Specialized Equipment

Specialized Equipment Can Save You Time & Money

When a loss happens, sometimes property owners try to reduce their costs by demolishing the wet walls before calling in the experts. At SERVPRO of North Prince William County, we have specialized equipment that can often save the cost and mess of demolition. Here you see the Injector-dry floor system at work in a local residence home. 



This is a containment that was placed during a mold loss. This is to protect any unaffected areas around the home. We provide several different types of protectants while we are servicing work in residential or commercial buildings. 

Christmas Parade

Community Involvement

Whether it is a Christmas parade, trade show, garden show, handing out goodies, or even local meetings; SERVPRO of North Prince William County loves our community, and tries to do our best to be fully involved with the community. In doing, so we build a trusting relationship with our neighbors. You are not just another customer to us. 

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Backup on Porch

This was the before and aftermath of a sewage backup. There was a significant amount of sewage on the customer front porch and the owner couldn't believe how quickly our Crews were able to clean and make it look "Like it never even happened."