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Hoarding Can Lead Too...

Sometimes "Hoarding" can be a subjective opinion, other times the situation is quite obvious.  The concerns go beyond health and sanitation to those of safety in the event of a fire or an emergency; particularly if the alternative pathways for egress are blocked. The county even steps in when conditions have been so obvious neighbors or relatives notified the authorities.

Fire damage

Fire Damage To Your Commercial Building

Do you know that SERVPRO of North Prince William County technicians respond to fire damage emergencies 24-hours a day? SERVPRO is here to help! Anytime you have a situation what you need fire, smoke and soot damage clean up and debris removed give us a call 703-369-4399.

Fire Damage Master Bedroom

Residential Fire

Fire damage in residential home. This is a picture of the Master Bedroom; however the fire originated in the attic roof area. This residence suffered a significant amount of damage. A fire can start when you least expect it, it may start small, but things can quickly turn into flames, literally. What do you do once the fire is out, your belongings are affected, and your entire home now has smoke and water damage? Call SERVPRO of North Prince William County. We will help restore your property and damaged belongings. In a time like this you should never feel alone and that is why our crew are always here to help!

Soot damage

Electrical Fire

What appears to be a small fire often causes damage throughout a building thanks to A/C and Heating systems that transport smoke and soot. This residence suffered an electrical fire which caused significant amount of smoke/soot damage. Fortunately, we are able to do the restoration on the home to get it back to prior condition.

Retail Store

Fire Damage To Your Local Retail Store

Fire and water damage to this local retail store affecting the entire commercial building. These situations often involve multiple owners, managers, tenants and insurance carriers. We can sort it all out, keep the parties informed and handle both cleaning up the damage and reconstructing the spaces. Each fire also has its' own chemical composition based on the material burned, length of time the burned and method used to put it out. The solvents used to clean one type of fire may worsen the damage of another. Protect your investments!!!! Call our SERVPRO of North Prince William County fire mitigation experts! 

Fire Damage

Commercial Fire

SERVPRO of North Prince William County specializes in the restoration of residential and commercial properties damaged by fire. This residence suffered extensive damage, but they have entrusted our team to handle all segments of the restoration process. We will make it "Like it never even happened."